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System ToolsClean DNS

Clean DNS
File Size : 3.1 Mb

Clean_DNS is a tool that can check and repair your DNS cache.

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System ToolsVentoy 1.0.22

Ventoy 1.0.22
File Size : 7.3 Mb

Ventoy is a lightweight tool that provides a quick way to make bootable USB drives from ISO files.

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System ToolsSecret Disk Professional 2020.04 Multilingual

Secret Disk Professional 2020.04 Multilingual
Languages: Multilingual | File size: 2.5 MB

Secret Disk can create additional disk on your PC, which can be invisible and locked with a password within one second.

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System ToolsVovSoft Filename Lister 3.1

VovSoft Filename Lister 3.1
File Size: 2.5 MB

Whether you are preparing to reinstall the operating system or just to rearrange your personal files, the first step you have to take is building an index of all files and folders available on your system, in order to decide which ones to keep and which to disregard.

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System ToolsControlUWP 0.20.0

ControlUWP 0.20.0
File Size : 0.4 Mb

ControlUWP is an Open Source app based on PowerShell scripts that centralizes many recommended Windows 10 settings allowing you to effect changes easily.

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System ToolsToDoList

File Size : 4.1 Mb

ToDoList is an easy to use, yet complex to-do list manager that enables you to organize and track general or project related tasks.

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System ToolsStellarium 0.20.3

Stellarium 0.20.3
File Size : 515 Mb

Stellarium is a comprehensive utility that helps users explore planets and constellations in a 3D environment.

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System ToolsStartup Sentinel

Startup Sentinel
File Size : 3.4 Mb

Startup Sentinel (a.

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System ToolsDesktop Calendar Multilingual

Desktop Calendar Multilingual
File Size : 4.2 Mb

DesktopCal is a very useful piece of software that helps change your normal desktop into a calendar, so that management can be done with more ease.

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System ToolsTinyWall 3.0.8

TinyWall 3.0.8
File Size : 1.4 Mb

TinyWall is a free software to harden and control the advanced firewall built into modern Windows systems.

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