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E-BooksGoats Raising For Beginners: How To Raise Goats And Make Your Own Milk And Cheese

Goats Raising For Beginners: How To Raise Goats And Make Your Own Milk And Cheese
English | 2020 | ASIN : B08H5XSZH8 | 101 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 19.47 MB

More and more people are deciding to start raising goats, and it is not hard to see why.

They are relatively small; they can provide milk and/or meat; certain breeds' fleeces can be harvested for wool; and perhaps most importantly, goats can make great pets. Children love goats, and so does anyone who has ever taken care of them.

However, before you consider raising goats or any other kind of livestock, you will need to detee three things:

1. Do you have the right facilities and the right amount of space?

2. Do you have the skills and the needed to take care of livestock?

3. Are you ready to make a major commitment?

It is easy, in your excitement, and especially if you have never raised livestock before, to overlook some of the basics of goat raising. Here is a checklist to help you to detee if raising goats is something you can do, should do, and want to do. If the answer to all of these questions is not "yes," then it may not be a good idea to b raising goats. Do not forget, goats are living creatures, and committing to care for them is not something to take lightly.

Do you have enough space? You will need at least 0.1 of an acre of lawn/yard per goat to provide adequate grazing and roaming space.

Do you have or are you willing to install goat-proof fencing. You will need fencing made from welded wire (goats are strong) at least four feet high, with goat-proof boards at the top, all-around the grazing area.

Do you have or are you willing to build a goat shelter? You do not need anything elaborate. A simple, three-sided shed will do, with at least 16 square feet per goat.

Are you willing to start with more than one? Goats are herd animals, and need other goats around them in order to thrive.

Is your property zoned correctly? In most cities, it is against the law to raise livestock in your backyard. Even in some rural areas, village or town zoning laws can mean that you are prohibited from raising livestock without expensive and -consuming re-zoning. Check into it first.

Do you have the ? Taking care of any animals involves committing to a certain minimum amount of for daily care. You will need to have (or make) at least two hours or work- each day to care for your goats. You will need goat-sitters for when you need to get away for a weekend; it is also worth pointing out.

This Book Covers

Why Raising Goats

Goat Breeds features

How to choose the right goat; choose the right breeder, how to choose a healthy


Preparing house for goat

And Much More!

Do you know a veterinarian who knows and can treat goats? If you live in a rural area, this should not be a problem. Check the Caprine Veterinary Resource Guide online if you cannot find a suitable vet in your area.

Do you know anyone who raises goats? You will need expert help with a good many things, at the bning, no matter how much research you do. When you purchase goats for the first , take someone who has experience along with you or buy this book as your guide.




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