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Video TutorialsWebflow For Entrepreneurs and UI/UX Designers

Webflow For Entrepreneurs and UI/UX Designers
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Are you excited to get into the world of Web Design using Webflow but you don't know where to start This course will allow you to create a website without writing a code using Webflow.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about Webflow including CSS Grid 2.0, Flexbox, CMS (Content Management System), and Interactions 2.0 And you'll learn from scratch, so it doesn't matter how much experience you have when you start.

Throughout the course, Ill invite you to participate in a project which Im working on. Its a project that requires a fresh website that is responsive. This will prepare you for dealing with real-world projects if you choose to move towards a Webflow Web Designer career path.

This course is aimed at people interested in Webflow Web Design. Well start from the very bning and work all the way through, step by step. If you already have some Web Design experience but want to get up to speed using Webflow then this course is perfect for you too!

First, we will go over what is Webflow and Why you should choose Webflow over other popular website builders. We will look at what our design looks like for this real-world project, then we will learn about Webflow basics and how to make use of Webflow basics to create a website.

Ill go over all of the essential features necessary for creating an excellent website, including CSS grid, flexbox, columns, CMS, interactions, type, colors, SEO, and website hosting.

One of the awesome new features of Webflow is interaction 2.0. Ill be teaching you all about those and how to use them to add animations/interaction to your website. This is one of the parts of web design thats growing and being adopted rapidly so you wont want to miss out on learning it early.

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